Transform your sleep and more with a new mattress

Mattresses are responsible for a good night's sleep, improved posture, and so much more, so why choose anything less than the best? These aren't products you replace monthly or even yearly, so making a solid investment in a product like Serta mattresses can immensely improve your quality of life. Read along with us here today to learn more about these mattresses and what they can do for you.

Taking mattresses seriously is our business

There are many advantages to purchasing a mattress you can count on, including a marked decrease in bodily aches and pains. In addition, many homeowners report far less back, joint, and neck pain when choosing a mattress and pillows based on their specific needs and sleeping patterns. If you suffer from this, be sure to speak with an associate about the Serta mattresses for you.

You will experience better sleep habits. If you've ever been able to fall asleep quickly but cannot stay asleep all night long, your mattress could be the problem. Replacing your old, worn-out option with a new product may give you the rest you need, resulting in a better mood, increased mental facilities, and even a better immune system.

Once many of the issues mentioned above are rectified with a new sleeping surface, you may also find your stress levels decrease, allergy symptoms are improved, and so much more. You may not yet know what to expect, but if you're experiencing any problems at all, things can only get better. To find out even more about the incredible benefits awaiting you, feel free to visit us at your convenience.

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At CLT Flooring & Furnishings, we take pride in being a mattress store that offers top-quality Serta products for your entire family. With a variety of firmnesses and other features, you are sure to find a product that meets your needs, so be sure to take your time browsing our complete inventory of options. Our associates can help you if you're unsure what you need precisely.

From our Newcastle, WY showroom, we serve the communities of Newcastle, WY, Osage, WY, Upton, WY, Black Hills, WY, Moorcroft, WY, Gillette, WY, Pine Haven, WY, Sundance, WY, Lusk, WY, and Custer, SD. We invite you to visit us any time you’re in the area to see our wide range of options and great attention to detail. When you need a Serta mattress that will last for decades, we’re your go-to shop.
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